Friday, February 16, 2007

The Play

It's usually more enjoyable to watch my kids play rather than interact in their dramas. I usually sit in the room with something that looks like I'm preoccupied, and I'm actually peeking through my "work" to give attention to their plays. If they are aware of my eyes, usually they will become goofy and not participate and that's just not as fun! This is the way things were a few evenings ago. I was busily cutting rubber and mounting some new stamp sets I had received earlier in the day, and the children had become involved in what could have been a combined storyline of Barbie and Star Wars! The play began with the girls dancing through the room as beautiful princesses. All went about their business of humming, singing, and twirling through the living room with a few lines of previously thought out scripts. The boys were to be princes who would then dance with them but all of a sudden, I heard growling and snorting coming from beyond the foyer. The boys on all fours galloped into the living room as wolves descending on their prey. But wait! The beautiful princesses were actually ninjas in disguise! the crowns were discarded and royal robes turned to lethal weapons and the princes, I mean, wolves, or maybe they were ninja wolves... fought vailiantly, but lost and turned on their heels and went scampering off yelping, like dogs just having been smacked with a newspaper. As they were finally winding down, I mentioned that I had finished cutting my rubber and all descended on my box of remnants. Watching their creativity with leftover, self-stick rubber was just as fun. After several minutes, they were all adorned with long rubber fingernails or rubber "tattoos" or even rubber foreheads. How's that for recycling rubber?!

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