About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom devoted to homeschooling my nine children and a help meet to my husband. We reside on our small homestead, while prayerfully awaiting the Lord's blessing with a home in the country.  We have been blessed beyond measure and I am grateful for every new, exciting day that the Lord has made. 

We began our journey a few years ago, starting slowly with a small garden.  At the time, it was mainly hobby-oriented, the farming gene passed down from our Agrarian ancestors.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and quickly put on medication.  I felt horrible.  The medication appeared to not be working at all, and after several adjustments, I decided I needed to find another way to solve my thyroid issues.  My dear husband found a nutritionist, told her of my troubles, and she gave him a list of all-natural resolutions to try.  I put that list aside for a few weeks, believing that the answer to most of my problems couldn't be as simple as eliminating certain types of food to my diet.  Much less adding beneficial types.  I needed medications to fight my disease, right?

I finally gave in.  I cut out all processed foods from my diet.  In the very first day, I was a changed woman.  The headaches, fatigue, lack of focus, were, for the most part, cured.  I felt so good!  From that day on, my family began our organic journey, we joined a co-op, became a part of an essential oils group, and rid our home of all chemicals!

After a time, though, our organic produce bill became expensive.  Even with the benefits of joining a co-op, our ever-growing family proved to us that we needed to help produce our own fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, eggs, and meats.

Enter our journey to organic gardening, farming, & homesteading.  Only suddenly we realized, on our small acreage, we could never have a full-functioning farm.  Especially since our 9 children needed a place to play, in addition to all of our crops and chickens and cows we needed and wanted in order to sustain our family!

However, God has taught us to be faithful in the least, and we believe He will bless us with more.  Our homestead journey has taught us how to work hard, make do with what we've been entrusted with, trust the Lord, and seek His blessings for contentment and guidance for our family.

God bless you always, and thank you for visiting.

~ Tabitha
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