Friday, October 26, 2012

Reusable Cloth Feminine Liners

Before you get all weirded out on me...

This post has been a long time coming.  I struggled with writing on a subject so personal for some time.  However, after having been asked what I use for my "personals" by a few people, I decided the blogged information, no matter how intimate, may be of good use. 

I began using washable liners about 10 months ago.  

They are soft, comfortable, and absorbent.  Not to mention economical.

My reasoning for switching to cloth was I one day became aware of chemicals (including bleach) present in disposable pads.  Just like disposable diapers, there have been skin sensitivity issues and long-term concerns regarding feminine products.  And my daughter and I were having problems with rashes from store-bought pads.  I couldn't afford organic liners, and I like the "waste-not" idea of reusable products.  So, I got online in search of a good pattern.

You can purchase feminine products like these online, but I made mine.  They were very easy, the pattern was simple to follow, or if you don't want to purchase a pattern, you can easily make your own from a disposable pad.  

All you need is flannel, fleece, and PUL fabrics.  The fleece sits against your skin, the flannel is in between layers for absorption, and the PUL is on the outside keeping moisture from seeping out.

I suggest you look for your fabric through sources other than the major fabric stores.  A good place to go is, and  If you do happen to find yourself inside a big-name fabric store, check out the remnants section for the above supplies. 

I have little wear on my liners, they work very well, I rarely have leaks, I love they way they close up into a small package (above picture), and I plan to make several more.  The only thing I would do differently is use a snap closure instead of the velcro.  The velcro tends to wear over washings and doesn't adhere as well. 

Forgive my post for its lack of discretion, but I do hope the information proves itself useful for those questioning the switch from disposable to washable. 

Edited to add:

Wash and Care:
I treat my cloth liners just like my cloth diapers.

I wash them on a hot rinse cycle first, then I wash them on a regular warm water cycle with my cloth diaper detergent.  You don't want to use any detergents other than those specially made for cloth diapers as regular laundry detergent can create a buildup on the liners resulting in their inability to absorb moisture.

Also, steer clear of essential oils as they may oppose moisture.

I only hang the liners up to dry.  I do my best to hang them in an inconspicuous place, but that's hard in a household of 11 people.  :)  If you do dry them in your dryer, adjust the setting to a delicate or low heat cycle.


Anonymous said...

How do you wash them? Do they require a special soak?

Homestead Journey said...

Good question, I should have added that! I wash them just like I do my cloth diapers. I give a good rinse by hand, then run them through a hot rinse and spin cycle, and then I was them on a regular cycle with cloth diaper detergent.

I will edit my post to include wash instructions.

Thank you!

Candice said...

Can you use homemade laundry detergent on them?

Homestead Journey said...

Candice, I am so sorry I am just now responding to your comment! Yes, you can use homemade detergent on them as long as it's the dry kind. You would treat them like cloth diapers. Don't use a soapy detergent as the soap will settle on the liners and make them less absorbent.

Katie@SimpleFoody said...

We've been using mama cloth for years! I love it and can't imagine going back.

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