Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, It's Dead!

So, my little "pink is my favorite color" "foo-foo princess" Kaitlyn, picked up a snake without batting an eyelash. Kiley and I were working on the patio this last week, when I unknowingly (but thankfully) killed a snake. Smashed his head with a tamper! Kiley threw it on the patio and told the kids to come pick it up. The boys screamed like little girls, but Kaitlyn only asked "is it dead?". When Kiley told her yes and urged her to pick it up she said "no" and took a step closer. With every "pick it up" from Kiley and "no" from Kaitlyn, she took a step closer to the lifeless reptile, until finally she reached down and lifted it carefully by its tail. She was very proud and showed the boys, who, in turn, HAD to try it so not to be outdone by their SISTER! I can't believe she picked up a snake!!!

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