Friday, April 04, 2008

The Nesting Stage...

100 more days until the babies arrive! I'm so excited! It's like being pregnant for the first time.

I have entered the nesting stage, apparently. Nesting, coupled with Spring cleaning time and it's been busy around here! In all of my cleaning out and throwing out, I found several infant onsies and blankets that I could have sworn I had gotten rid of. I've had a couple of friends that have given and loaned me baby items so we are well on our way to being ready to receive these two blessings! God has been good.

The kids are very excited as well. Braden's been having dreams about the twins, Connor has been cuddly with my belly, and the girls are enamored by my swelling stomach and all the movement. I raised my shirt the other day over my belly because it was itching so terribly and Kaitlyn just broke out into giggles. Reagan has finally decided she wants to feel the babies move! And yesterday when I washed and folded all the baby items I had found, the girls oohed and aahed over the tiny items. It's so sweet how the kids are responding. I hope they are just as excited when all the crying and dirty diapers begin! lol

I just can't wait!

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