Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We're Back!

Wow, it's been two months! I'm sorry I haven't posted pictures of the twins before now, but it's been very busy around here. I have just started getting sound sleep over the last few days, so here I am, trying to catch up. Kendall Riley and Kelsey Ryann were born Wednesday, July 9. Kendall was born at home (my easiest delivery by far) weighing in at 6lbs, and Kelsey was born by c-section weighing 5lbs, 12oz. A lot happened in a short amount of time, and they ended up being about an hour and 40 minutes apart. I spent an hour with Kendall before I had to leave her for the hospital. We were so blessed to have friends and family to help take care of the children at home. Two of my sweet friends, Christine and Rushia, came over and stayed with Kendall, pumped and fed her so she wouldn't have to start her life out on formula. What a tremendous blessing!!! The Lord worked everything out for good in a rough situation. Even though I hated having a c-section, the Lord took care of us all and we had beautiful, healthy babies in the end. They are such a blessing and so much fun. I can say that now that I'm over the sleep deprivation. lol!

The pictures in the slideshow above were taken by Portrait Playland when the twins were 10 days old. The one on the right, Rushia took last week. They've changed so much!

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