Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pollyanna Bow

(My cutie-pie 3yo twins)

Several months ago, I created what my sweet friend, Lindy, deemed "The Pollyanna Bow".  There may be other bows out there like this one, I haven't looked, but thankfully, it's been a popular seller for me.  I love it because it's perfect for my big girls who are into Little House on the Prairie, Grandma's Attic, Elsie Dinsmore, etc.  This style tends to take you back to a time when girls were girls and they stayed innocent and pure.  Simpler times, and of times when femininity was important to a young lady.  If you are interested in my simple and old-fashioned bow, you can find it at  Currently, I have eight colors available, but I will be adding a few more for the fall and winter months.  Thanks for looking!

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