Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wash Day

OK, all of you homesteaders, wanna-be homesteaders, crazy survivalists, and camping experts.  I have been introduced to a new product, the Hand Plunge Washer from Forgotten Way Farms.

Don't laugh, I'm serious.  This thing is awesome, the times we have used it, our clothes came out super clean!  No, I'm not crazy, I don't plan on giving up on my washing machine, BUT the plunge washer is ideal for when there is a power outage, a camping trip, or if you plan on hanging with those "off-grid" people.

Here's a kids think it's fun.  Weird homeschooled kids?  Whatever.  All I know is my clothes are clean and it didn't cost me anything in electricity.  (or man power on my part...)

Here's how we do it, fill a 5 gallon bucket about 1/3 full of water, add a little soap, then put in a few articles of clothing, and plunge away. 

Not real sure on the point of the gloves...

Then we simply wring them out and hang to dry.

The plunger worked wonders on my cloth diapers.  So, the next time a hurricane blows through, I'm covered on laundry.  ;)

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