Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Book Review

This time......cookbooks!

Hearth and Home by Karey Swan is a wonderful resource if you are cooking with fresh, wholesome grains.  I love her scientific approach to every recipe, she explains how the ingredients work together, and WHY they work together.  I think I will have my children take science lessons from her cookbook!

Rejuvenate Your Life by Serene Allison is perfect for anyone looking for a vegetarian diet.  You know I love meat, but I have used several recipes in this book for an alternative.  She is very nutritionally informative regarding all of the vegetables, fruits, oils, and grains you will find in her recipes.  I especially love her explanation on how to open a coconut!

Up-With-Wholesome, Down-With-Store-Bought Book has been around a long time.  I think this book may be as old as I am!  I love it how basic it is.  This book is choc full of common sense recipes ranging from meals to household cleaning.  A must have, if you can find one!

Around here, we love the West Ladies.  This cookbook has quickly become one of our favorites.  Filled with personal stories, helpful tips, and great recipes.  Our particular book was signed by the West Ladies themselves, they are such a sweet, godly example of the Lord's goodness and the good things He gives us through His creation.

The Better Homes and Garden Cookbook has to be one of my all-time favorites.  It's the one I go to the most.  I was given mine as a wedding gift, so it's now 17 years old and still holding together!  There are recipes for just about everything you can imagine, from basic to fancy and everything in between.  If you use fresh-ground ingredients, you may have to make adjustments, but if you are a seasoned cook (no pun intended) you should haven any problems with the substitutions. 

Happy cooking!

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