Friday, March 09, 2012

Springtime 2012

Spring has arrived, here in the deep south.  All of the seeds I planted back in January have developed from tiny sprouts and are well on their way to becoming productive plants.    I'm hoping that next weekend will be beautiful as I desperately need to till up my garden beds and get these little babies into the ground!

The lettuce I planted in the winter is now producing beautiful heads.  I have found that if I trim the lettuce leaves as I need them from around the sides and bottom, it just keeps producing more and more leaves.   Notice the abundance of onions?  I started out with 3 plants, this is the beginning of their third season, and after separating them in January, I now have 25 onion plants!

My lemon tree is at it again, with beautiful and fragrant blooms, which the bees LOVE!  I can smell the lemon blossoms as soon as I open the back door.  Truly my favorite springtime flowers.

The crab apple tree is off to a bit of a slow blooming start, but the flowers are so vibrant.  The variation in light and dark pinks creates a beautiful display.

Kiley's fig tree, his pride and joy, is just as big and bold as last year.  We harvested over 200 huge figs last year, perfect for preserves!

I'll be posting again when my garden is all tilled and ready for transplants.  Happy gardening!!!


Nicole said...

we have 2 orange trees and a lemon tree. BEST. SMELL. EVER!!!!

Findley Follies said...

Nicole! It's so good to see you around again!

We just planted a lime tree and two orange trees this year, they haven't bloomed yet, but I am anxious for them to. I love being able to open my windows in the back and the smell comes wafting in!

I'm pretty sure heaven will smell like orange and lemon blossoms. ;D

Sara said...

I would LOVE to have a lemon tree!! Everything looks beautiful, Tabitha!!

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