Saturday, May 05, 2012

Elderberries and a World Record Fig

As most of you know, we use our elderberries a lot around here.  It's the most popular tea among my family members, so I was really excited when I found and purchased a couple of plants this season.

I have heard that there are wild elderberries out here, but I'm still new to this foraging stuff, so I felt pretty foolish when my oldest dd came in this afternoon telling me she was pretty sure we had elderberries growing along our property line.  Seriously.  They are in full bloom and about 30 yards away from where I planted my elderberry plants.  Don't laugh.  I've never claimed to be a very observant person.

And I was just mourning the fact that I was going to have to wait a few seasons before my plants are big enough to produce an adequate amount of berries.  I'm pretty sure I'll have more than I can even think of handling this year, they are EVERYWHERE.

Hubby's fig tree, his pride and joy, has produced a massive fig.  I don't think this one will be "cannable".  There's no way it would fit in a jar....


StacyA said...

Holy Shmoley Girl! A fig and an apple on the same bush?! You ARE amazing! :) LOL! That is one huge fig! So I think we may have elderberries too??? we have flowering plants like that...white "queen anne lace" looking flowers. I need some more pics to be sure. What color are the berries? And, ahem... what do you use them for? Love ya!

Findley Follies said...

Too funny, Stacy! We DID do some experimenting this year in our garden..... ;P

As for the elderberries, they are a dark purplish color, but they won't be ready until later this summer/fall. They are very sweet and make a most excellent tea! You can dry them and store them for tea during the rest of the year. The elderberries are high in antioxidants and perfect for cold/flu season.

Love you, too!

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