Monday, August 27, 2012

Confessions of Adventurous Femininity

I'm not a foo foo person.  I don't wear much jewelry, I don't go for manicures or pedicures, I don't wear perfume, and I don't do bling.

So, what makes me feminine?  And what makes me adventurous?

I like dirt.
I don't necessarily like to be dirty, I just like dirt.  I love the smell, the feel, and the look.  I enjoy sinking my hands down into the coolness of the soil, planting seeds, pulling weeds, turning it over with my hoe or tiller until it's a fresh, loose beautiful mess of dirt.

And yet, I like to be clean.  Being refreshed by a shower and a good bar of soap, after a hard, sweating, dirty day outside makes me feel feminine and lovely once again.  Clean is my perfume fragrance of choice.

My favorite shoes are no shoes.
Barefoot.  The way the Good Lord intended it.

However, my toenails are almost always painted.  Feeling feminine down to my toes includes a good homemade pedicure, and a fresh coat of polish.

I wear my hair in a braid.
Maybe it's the call of my ancient Native American ancestors, or maybe it's the fact that I just want my hair out of my face.  Whatever the reason, I love braiding my hair.  It's simple, feminine, and makes me feel like a true farm girl.

My husband likes my hair long, so I have always tried to keep it that way for him.  Plus, my long hair makes me feel more girly and I can arrange it a number of ways.  I love curls, but save those for special occasions.  Another feminine aspect of who I am.

I kill snakes.
I hate snakes.  If I find one in my yard, I don't ask questions, he is readily decapitated.  Copperheads are a problem around here, and my handy flat head shovel takes care of business.  No, I'm not afraid, just disgusted.  And I can't wait around for my husband to come home from work, just to kill a poisonous snake. 

That being said, if my husband is home, I allow him to take care of the snake exterminating process. I still call upon my knight in shining armor to rescue me from the nasty, ugly, creepy, deadly creatures.

Did I mention I hate snakes?

I have my own drill.
It's true.  It's not a girly, pink, prissy drill, it's a heavy duty machine.  My husband gave it to me for our anniversary about 12 years ago.  I asked for it.  And I use it all the time.  I have used it to anchor screws in the wall, bore holes in wood, even make drainage holes in my plastic planters.  It comes in handy more than you would imagine.

Being able to act as a help meet to my husband includes working along side of him.  Because he has taught me so much in the way of "handiness", we can double up on projects and save time.  And, if your husband is like mine, he is so busy that sometimes those little projects that need attention, but he can't readily get to, I can handle on my own.  Saving him some time and trouble.  And the gratitude I receive is well worth it.  ;)

I know how to use a gun.
Yep.  And I'm pretty accurate.  My favorite gun is my pellet gun.  Does that even count?  I can't really hurt myself too badly with that one.  I've shot everything from tin cans to squirrels.  OK, I haven't actually shot a squirrel. I've tried, but they're fast little suckers.

Why do I know how to use a gun?  What if my husband is away and I need to defend my family?  What if I need to defend my livestock from predators?  What if I have to hunt for food?  What if zombies capture my kids?  OK,maybe not the zombies.  We've had mad dogs around here before, coyotes are present when we go camping, and when we move to the country in the future, it will be greatly beneficial for me to know how to use a firearm.

I carry a pocket knife.
You have no idea how much my pocket knife comes in handy.  I carry it in my pocket at all times.  I use it in the garden, in the house, I have even had the need to use it while out and about.  Truly, it's an invaluable accessory.  I'm serious.

My husband gave me my pocket knife for Christmas.  I am never without it.  He finds it a symbol of bravery, and non-arrogant self-reliance.  He still worries about me when I go out without him, and warns me to be careful and safe, yet he knows I won't do anything foolish or go into any situation unawares.

Oh yeah, and it annoys me when my skirts don't have pockets...

Being feminine doesn't mean I have to be a girly, useless, whimpering female who can't mange to make an intelligent decision or maintain a certain air of confidence and bravery.  I have a backbone.  And I need my husband.  I don't think I could ever live without him.  But I want to be useful to him, too.  My husband knows I rely on him for protection, safety, assurance, and provision, which gives him confidence that I respect his authority and I maintain my place as the weaker vessel.  Without being weak.  I believe there are many men that would admit to wishing their wives were able to handle most tough situations on their own, without stepping out from under their authority as a husband.

What makes me feminine?  Well, the obvious.......I wear skirts and dresses, I don makeup, fix my hair, I want to be pretty and womanly, I do my best to walk with poise and grace, and while acting out the duties of a wife and mother.  As for the "un"obvious, I work at a meek and quiet spirit, gentleness, and self-control.  I look to my husband for his wise opinions and advice, and I cater to him when I can.  I do my best to be a good example of a godly wife and mother to my children.  I try to be a good listener and confidant to my friends. I pray daily for patience and grace.  I fear the Lord, and abide in His goodness and perfect will.

"Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come."  Proverbs 31:25


Quinn said...

Great post! Of course, being adventurously feminine myself, I suppose I'm biased :) My garden doesn't see me in sweats let alone the grocery store... but I am more of a big, fat bun gal rather than a braid. I reserve the braid for in bed so Chloe doesn't start pulling my hair in the middle of the night ;) ♥

Homestead Journey said...

I wish I had thick enough hair to sport a classy bun! Even though it's long, my hair is rather thin. Every time it begins to thicken up, I have another baby! ;D
I do like gardening in my skirts. And I really enjoy the need for an apron. Even if I don't need it in the garden, I still like to pretend it's benefiting my work at the time!
Thanks for your comment!

Amy (aka The Library Lady and Modernish Homemaker) said...

Great post! I think we are kindred spirits.

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