Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Gardening

I have come to a decision.

I love fall gardening.

I suppose a fall garden is mostly successful here in the deep south, but by far, it's easier to maintain than my summer garden.

I have not had the pest problem like I did earlier this season.  I did lose a couple of squash plants to a borer, discovered some squishable caterpillars, something gnawed my itty bitty spinach plants down to the roots, and the cats continue to believe that any garden bed is their personal litter box.   I planted three tomato plants in the same area as I did this summer, but apparently the fall sun doesn't produce much light in that spot.  Not like it does in the summertime.  The plants aren't doing as well as I'd like.

Perhaps the most amazing discovery is all of the pollinators that have been visiting the garden.  For the last three or so years, the bee population has been scarce around here.  I have had to hand pollinate many of my plants, and that can always be tricky.  Since everything is blooming right now, the garden is covered in pollinating insects!  I'm not sure where they came from or why they suddenly showed up, but bring 'em on.

The mystery squash.  I'm thinking it's acorn squash as opposed to butternut?  So, that means the squash growing in the row next to it is the butternut.  I guess it doesn't matter, they're both good!

Black pole beans.  The trellis is covered in bean pods!
I want to dry them for storage, so these beans will stay on the vine until dried out.  

The cutest pumpkin I've ever seen.
It's called a baby boo pumpkin.  I planted these purely for my enjoyment.
That's pretty much all I have to say about that...

Green beans are doing great!  As you know, I have struggled with these all summer.  I think we picked five bean pods for the whole season.  I have no idea what is different, I planted these in the same spot that I did this summer, they are getting the same sunlight, and it's not like we've had a ton of rain.  The only thing I can figure is that I have prayed and prayed for this garden.

My girls picking green beans.  I am so grateful my children get excited over these simple blessings and pleasures.  To see your hard work and perseverance produce a bounty is a true measure of happiness.

Peas.  Not much to say, except they continue to grow.  I'm so nervous something bad is going to happen to them.  I planted a row of kale next to these rows of peas, but the cats were no help with their endless digging on this spot.  Surely there is some way to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between my squirrel killers and my garden beds.


LindaG said...

Do you find using the bricks helps keep your squash, melons, or pumpkins relatively pest free?
Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to fall gardening next year when the house is in better shape!

Homestead Journey said...

I use the bricks to raise the squash and melons off the ground so they won't rot, but now that you mention it, I didn't have any pests bother the fruit. I never noticed that before! I still had pest issues with the vine. Thankfully, by the time they hit and destroyed the main vine, I was able to harvest a modest crop. I have had the most frustrating time with bugs this year. I'm praying for a better season next year.

Blessings on your fall garden adventure!

tm said...

We have had great success with pecan mulch to keep the cats out of the garden. they hate walking on it.

Homestead Journey said...

I will have to try that!

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