Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life With Chickens

Last Wednesday, we added chickens to our homestead!  You know me, for months I researched, studied, and asked all the advice I could on raising hens.  The benefit of free range eggs coupled with the serenity of a  docile breed would add so much experience and atmosphere to our growing farm.  Despite the information I have learned, I never seem to gain any true knowledge until I jump in and begin my journey.  Which, for me, can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, too much information is not so good...

We have 10 Buff Orpingtons.  Nine layers and one rooster.  The rooster is a pretty good guy.  He takes care of his ladies, calling them into the hen house every night and leading them out every morning.  He is not aggressive towards any of us, and is the most calm, relaxed rooster I've ever met.  Thank goodness.

Although we have enjoyed watching them, feeding them, even cleaning up after them, I still haven't gotten any eggs.  But who can blame them.  They were moved on Wednesday, on Thursday we left them all day for Thanksgiving, on Friday our neighbor took down a couple of trees and cut them up with a chainsaw, on Saturday, my husband had two trees taken down and cut up in our yard (an all day event), and on Sunday and Monday, my husband worked on their hen house.  They don't seem to appreciate much that's gone on around here.  HOPEFULLY, I will have eggs sometime soon!

I will keep you updated on our progress, but so far, chickens are a lot easier to keep up with than I thought they'd be!


LindaG said...

Awesome. Congratulations! I can't wait until we have chickens.

How old are yours? Did you have to teach the rooster what to do?

Have a blessed Thursday! ♥

Homestead Journey said...

Thanks! They are 14 months old, we got them from a friend who is downsizing her farm. I didn't want to start with chicks, so I am very thankful they are already laying! I don't know if this breed is typically docile, but these are the most laid-back chickens I've ever met. I didn't have to teach the rooster a thing, all of the hens follow him around and they stick pretty close together. It's been a very educational experience, thus far.

Have a beautiful day!

Quinn said...

Yea! How exciting!! We started out with Buff Orpingtons too :) Our roo ended up getting aggressive, but I can hardly blame him since I had a 10yo that thought it was the best thing in the world to chase him around and make him crow :/ I'm wondering if since you say they are 14 mos old, they'll slow down laying for the darker months anyway (besides waiting until your home is their home) seems to me that the only ones that give me eggs in December or January are the 6 month olds. But I think you're down south, if my memory isn't getting fuzzy and that might not be the case for hens down there.

Homestead Journey said...

LOL about your 10yo! I keep telling the twins to WALK in and around the pen, not run!

We are deep in south Texas, I hope the milder climate will encourage laying, but it still gets dark early here. I am still up in the air about "tricking" the chickens into thinking it's still daylight by using a light. I tend to want to follow the Lord's design on matters and seasons, but it would be nice to have productive hens even in the winter!

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