Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Well, it’s official! We’ve ushered in the Christmas season! We began decorating the outside last week, then I added to the inside, and finally, we put up our tree and finished it all last night. I always enjoy watching the kids put decorations on the tree. Each one has his or her own style. Bailey eagerly pulls out all the hand made ornaments and passes them out to the individual creator, expecting them to be equally as excited. Reagan picks out all the angels, anything shiny, and busies herself finding ornaments without hooks. Connor (Mr. Monk) groups like colors together and hangs them in a single colored bunch. It was even more fun this year with Kaitlyn and Braden joining in, and YUP, they had their own “decorating style” as well. Kaitlyn pretty much took whatever I had in my hand to give her, but with a comment on each. “Oh, Mom, this is sooooo beautiful! OH WOW, I love the glitter! MOM, this one is such a pretty color!” Braden just seemed overwhelmed. He only liked the glass balls, and would wait for me to pull them out and then he would hang them very particularly on the tree. After we were finished, everyone stood back and admired their work, all were silent until an outburst from Kaitlyn stating “This tree is AWESOME!!!”

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