Monday, September 21, 2009

Craft Show

My first craft went pretty well. I actually sold quite a bit, and I will be doing the next one in October. I did notice though, that the term "craft show" is code for "garage sale fodder". I had no idea. Thank goodness for me there were no other vendors with a booth providing my products. But I think if offer more of a "junkie look" to my table, it would draw more customers? Seems to be a trend.....I might try..... (yes, I know I promised to be less sarcastic, but this was a special occasion.)

Here is my booth and another GREAT picture of me. Ugh.

In case you didn't know, Kiley is making beds. Bunk beds, single beds, queen beds, etc. He will also be making dressers, hope chests, quilt racks, side tables and such in the future. We are praying and hoping this business will turn into something financially worthwhile for us. He is super excited and he does a great job, if I do say so myself! His beds are very sturdy, made of solid wood, and made in AMERICA! Just a plug for my man. :D


Megan said...

Fun fun!! One day I'd like to go to a craft show. You know when I have nothing else to do and lots of money to spend. ;) Hope the bed business does well too!!

Angie said...

your family is so awesome! so talented..

I wanted to come to the craft show to see you.. you will have to let me know where the one is in October.


teagirl said...

You did realize that the title of the show was "Humble Trade Days", not "Humble Craft Days", right?! :-) You might check out the shows at churches too. They tend to be more crafty. They also might draw customers willing to part with more money, which is always a good thing!

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