Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Learning to Quilt

It's fall.  For now, anyway.  Cooler temperatures and crisp breezes make me want to quilt.  This past weekend, I pulled out a simple quilt I started about two years ago and didn't get anywhere near finishing.  Shameful, I know!  However, it was a perfect quilt to let the girls practice on.  It's funny to see how each girl is different in her learning style, talent, and design.  The one that I thought would hate it, loved it and was very good at it!  The one who I thought would have the neatest stitches was the one constantly pulling them out.  And the one I thought would sit and quilt for hours was the one who was always distracted.  Who woulda thought?

The simplicity of this quilt makes it easy to stitch inside the squares and allows for "easy to fix" mistakes.  My inner perfectionist is screaming at the jagged lines and uneven stitching, but outwardly I've managed to pull of the "it's OK, you're learning, honey" voice.  They'll get better.  Right?  At any rate, this quilt has been named The Park Quilt.  Meaning Peanut and Bubba Chubs will have a soft blankie to sit on at the park or camping.

I'm sure the twins will thank them for it, one day.


-Sheri said...

I love your comment "the inner perfectionist is screaming on the inside"
I do the SAME thing....I was with Mia at her girl scout troop, the leader had the girls making pages with any pictures and any stickers...just whatever the girl wanted to put on the page. It took major effort for me not to straighten, rearrange, suggest ideas....but I didn't interrupt and guess what? She made a GREAT looking page. She's got some talent, even if I say so myself.

Findley Follies said...

LOL, Sheri, she's learning from the best!

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