Sunday, February 19, 2012

Headache Tea

I don't often suffer from headaches, but occasionally I will get a severe one, the kind that sends sharp pains through your skull, makes your stomach turn, and your head dizzy.  All I want to do is get off my feet, and that's not so easy to do in a house full of little ones. 

Wednesday night, my sweet hubby took me out for dinner, I started feeling a headache coming on, but figured it was sinus related since we've had so much crazy weather.  As the night went on, so did the pain.  We shopped a little and I finally asked Kiley if we could head home, I felt light-headed and nauseous.  Blah.  I felt so bad that I asked to cut our date short!  The headache continued the next day and by Friday I couldn't take it any more.  I searched through my herbal remedies and made a tea concoction of Chamomile, Catnip, and Fenugreek.  I figured it was worth a try, at the very least the tea would knock me out!

Oh my goodness, within half an hour, the headache was GONE.  Gone and didn't come back!  I made enough for a full pot, and kept it around just in case the headache reappeared, what a blessing there was no more pain!

Last night, my daughter came home telling me she had a horrible headache.  She said it hurt from the front of her head all the way to the back and she felt sick.  I offered her some tea, by the time she finished drinking the tea, the pain was gone. 

I have no idea if it works for sinus headaches, pressure headaches, hormone headaches, but it worked for whatever my oldest daughter and I had.  Thankfully so.  I also have no idea why in the world it didn't occur to me to find an herbal remedy first thing.  I have all of this at my fingertips, once again, I'm a little slow...

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your tea. Did you use fresh or dried herbs and in what ratio? Occasionally I suffer from blinding headaches. Something all natural would be a relief. Thank you.

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