Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Twins 2.0 are ONE!

Happy Birthday to my Devon and Grant!!!

With each child, the time seems to pass faster and faster.

Devon is our spunky, silly, cuddly, wild child.  The family clown.  She makes us laugh, loves to hug, and is such a mama's girl!

Grant is a chunky teddy bear, freely gives out kisses, a busy baby boy who has stolen many hearts, but only has eyes for his daddy.

We had a small birthday party, shared with family, nothing too spectacular, but lots of fun.  I did my best to create a Thing One and Thing Two theme party, I'm not really sure what else you do for boy/girl twins!  :D

The cake went over really well with Grant:

In trying to keep with the "Thing 1, Thing 2" theme, I made a red velvet cake.  Stupid idea, I know.  Grant's diaper was interesting the next morning.  Let's just say, there is a cloth diaper that will never be the same again, and Grant's bottom was stained red for a few hours...

Devon just kind of picked at hers:

I daily thank the Lord for these precious gifts He has entrusted me with.  What a journey and a blessing!


Love Bigger than the World said...

Happy Birthday Twins 2.0!

Nicole said...

i can't believe that they are 1 already!!! (i know i'm late....with no fb for 5 months, i had lost your blog addy).

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