Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organization in the Garden

This is the first year I've gone BIG in my garden.  I spent the winter month (I live in deep TX, remember) planning out my garden beds, shopping for the right seeds for my area, and researching growth habits and companion gardening tips.  I still messed up.  But I consider this all a learning experience.

I admit, the mistakes I make with my plants, I always tell myself, "next year, I'm going to remember to plant this elsewhere, or later, or not at all."  And if you're like me, and you rely on ginkgo biloba to help you remember your first name, then you won't remember anything that hasn't happened within the last 24 hours.  48, if you're having a good day.

So, despite my good intentions of "trying again next year", I had to come up with some sort of filing system for my seeds and garden plans.  What I came up with is basically the result of when a gardening journal and an OCD personality collide.

My supplies were pretty inexpensive.  I bought these nifty and colorful A - Z divider tabs, a package of 4x6 index cards, and standard size envelopes.

With each item I plant, I write the name of the plant in the upper left hand corner, then I write down the date I planted, whether I directly sowed in the ground, or in a starter pot.  I check on my plants every day and when I notice something is thriving, or failing, I document that on the card.  I will also note where I planted and if I think I should plant it there again next year, or if I should try another location.  Maybe it's too shady or too low, or there is too much sun or not enough moisture.  Really any information I think may come in handy when planting and growing for the next season.

When I'm finished, I just file alphabetically, with coordinating seeds, in these little crates I found at Wal-mart.  They were around $1.50 and are large enough to hold all of my cards and seeds.

With the envelopes, I store my harvested seeds that I plan to use for planting season the next year.  After they're dried and ready to store, I mark the envelope with the name and date, place the seeds inside, and file alphabetically.

I'm hoping this may solve all of my "remembering" problems.  That is, if I don't lose my crates...

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Anonymous said...

A W E S O M E N E S S!!!!


Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

This is SUCH a good idea!! Thanks for sharing :)

Homestead Journey said...

Thank you, Megan! I need all the help I can get in the "remembering" department. :)

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