Saturday, January 02, 2016

A True Homestead Journey

For years, my husband and I have been searching for a piece of land where we could become more sustainable, practice land management methods the way the Lord designed, grow more of our food supply, and raise our children.  In January of 2015, the first part of our dream came true.  God led us to a perfect place for us.  An older farmhouse, lots of land, beautiful pastures, and even a small creek.  He provided and we were able to purchase our farm!  

We have been working on the place for the last year.  Planting trees, updating the house, starting a garden spot, cleaning out, packing, etc....

It has been a very long and tedious journey with much more to come.  The distance between our home at the time, and our new home was 500 miles.  For a year, we drove to the farm, would stay for a few days, and then very reluctantly come back to our home in the big city.  There were many frustrations and tears, but so many joyous moments.

I will tell you more in later posts, but I wanted to introduce you to our farm.  Where I'll be sharing our real-life journey literally from the ground up.  Everything I have learned, I will have to re-learn due to a new climate and terrain, and a on much bigger scale!  But I am anxious and excited!

Our cozy farmhouse.

My backyard.

Borrowed cows in my backyard.

More borrowed cows.

The view from my front porch.

My children playing in the yard.

More playing.

So. much. playing.

My dog.  I never know what he's doing.

I am truly grateful for what the Lord has given us.  And I pray daily that He will empower us with wisdom in managing it all.  I don't want to make any mistakes.  At least none that I can't learn from.  Or step out of His will.  From every part of what we grow to raising our animals and teaching our children, I pray God gets the glory and we remain teachable and thankful.

Stick around, there will be more to come!


Sheila Kunz said...

I am so excited for all of you! I look forward to reading your posts and following your journey!
đź’•Sheila Kunz

Homestead Journey said...

Thanks, Sheila, we are very excited!

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