Monday, January 04, 2016

Seed Shopping Guide

If you're like me, once the holiday rush is over, I find myself dreaming about my spring garden and perusing seed catalogs.

I always over plan....which basically means I buy way too many seeds. And now that I am in a different climate and experiencing a new soil, and much more land to grow on, I am having a very difficult time keeping my plans simple. What worked before in the deep south and the "portal to Hades zone", won't necessarily work the same way in our new zone 6b area. Starting all over again does have its benefits though. I get to try new things!

My favorite seed company is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I have always had success with whatever I have ordered from them. The only time my plants failed was due to ignorance or neglect on my part. I trust their selection and integrity. You can request a free copy of their catalog on the website.

My husband is the tree man. In fact, we joke that he spends more time and attention on his trees than he does his family! We have ordered from various companies in the past, but last year he found a company called Trees of Antiquity. They offer heirloom varieties of fruit trees and berries. My husband even called in and chatted with them and the employees are very helpful and knowledgeable.

In truth, if you want to get a jump on ordering seeds, now is the best time! I have waited in the past to order closer to spring time and many of the seeds I wanted were out of stock for the season. Start working on your wish list and buy your seeds before the end of the month is my advice!

Also, when shopping for seeds, you can get overwhelmed by varieties. A trick I learned is to look at what the reviewers have to say for each individual seed you are interested in. Check to see if it was a success or failure for them. And also notice where they are from. If they rave about a particular type and they are in your zone or area, it would be a good idea to follow their selection choice for yourself!

So all of this planning comes down to where in the world I'm going to plant it all. Here's a picture of a future raised bed. Quite a mess, right?!!! We were trying to work with a couple of raised beds the previous owner had in place, but it has been more trouble trying to redesign it than I ever expected. More on that later....

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