Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Journey Begins Part 3

Summer arrived and our first cutting of hay.  The neighbors cut our hay field before we came in for our monthly visit.  I didn't know hay bales could be so exciting and beautiful.  Yep, I have been countrified...

The summer also brought our first visitors.  We had some friends driving back to Houston from farther north and we were somewhat on their route home.  We had a lot of fun taking it easy and visiting for a couple of days, as well as gathering lots of blackberries!  They were all over the place, but in June, there were still many not quite ripe.

I think the highlight of the trip was our nightly showing of lightening bugs.  They were amazing.  For some, that's not a big deal, but for us, raised in the city and all the big lights, loved sitting outside in the dark with the quiet glow all around us.  The simple life doesn't get any better than that.

The following month, we took my nephew with us.  And there were still plenty of blackberries left to add some fun.  And for once, it was HOT.  Thankfully not humid, but the heat index on one of the days reached 115 degrees.  Yikes!   My husband had planted several fruit trees in the spring and spent a few days on this trip, adding cages and staking them for added stability and protection.

Also, my husband officially began looking for a job in the nearest big city.  With each month that went by, with no job offers, we tried to stay positive and not be discouraged, but that's not always easy.  We were in love with the farm, and were so ready to commit to being there full time.  Looking back over the months, I can see where it has been a blessing we didn't move before now, and we always looked forward to the next trip and what work we could get done.  Not always ideal, but it helped keep our focus...

Every time we visited, there were one or two new calves.  Talk about cute...!

The longer we've been on the farm, the more we learn about our land and about our neighbors.  Let's say, we've been blessed beyond measure.  Back in the spring, a gentlemen involved in raising the cows on our land, stopped in to chat.  We have learned so much from him and always look forward to his dropping by!  He identified all of the trees around our house, little did we know we had a mature apple tree, cherry trees, and a couple of pecan trees!  We figured out we had a peach tree in the yard, but not so many others!  Late summer brought some of the best tasting apples I've ever had.  Could be the land.........the variety........or the fact that it came from my own place.  It's always better when you do it yourself.

Part 4 coming soon!

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