Monday, February 01, 2016

Essential Oils.........Peppermint

Gotta be my all-time favorite.

Maybe it's because it was the first oil I was ever introduced to, or because the smell is uplifting and refreshing.  For many reasons, it's always a staple in my oil cabinet!

And, who hasn't heard of peppermint?

Here comes my disclaimer...

Annoying, but has to be done.

Now, because the FDA will not allow me to share with you a detailed account of the amazing health supporting properties essential oils have brought into my life, I will have to leave the research and common sense up to you to determine the needs of your family and how oils can fit into your lifestyle.  Use wisdom and exercise caution.

Moving on.  For our family, peppermint plays an essential role.

How we use Peppermint Oil.

After exercising.  I love to rub peppermint on my muscles after a workout.  It leaves a tingly, refreshing feel on my legs and arms, and leaves me feeling invigorated.

To support our respiratory health.  Peppermint is refreshing in a steamy bath or shower, and perfect for use in a diffuser.

Cleaning.  We clean with peppermint oil, as well as diffuse for a refreshed smelling household.  You can add peppermint oil to any soap, shampoo, and other natural cleaning products.  And if you use wool dryer balls, put a couple of drops onto the balls before you throw them in the dryer!

Toiletries.  My daughter makes toothpaste, deodorant, and lip balm, and loves to add peppermint oil to all of her recipes.

Cooking.  Peppermint oil is great for cooking with.  And since Young Living Oils are pure, and the oil properties are strong, peppermint will go a looooong way.  I put a drop or two in hot chocolate, and I have made a peppermint mocha coffee creamer.  Delicious!

Uplifting.  And no lie, peppermint makes me feel alive and energetic. Like how my twins feel when they find get ahold of sugar.  I enjoy just opening up the bottle and sniffing it.  Makes my senses come to attention.  And did you know that if I need to clean out my sniffer, like if I've been sniffing a lot of other fragrances or oils, peppermint clears out and reboots my smeller.  Kind of like coffee does.

I do warn you, be careful if you get peppermint oil on your skin, some people can be a bit sensitive to it.  It's best to dilute with a little V-6 oil, or olive oil, or coconut oil before putting it on your skin.

And as always, if you have any questions about essential oils, please feel free to contact me!

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